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*UPDATE: Dr. Kim wrote, garnered signatures, and published in the Boston Globe a social science statement to the Trump Administration to coincide with the global March for Science (on 4.22.17). See the published statement here and, if you support it, please consider donating to defray the costs of the $6000 ad, thank you!

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•Interviewed by NYLON Magazine for its article, “The Meaning behind The Black Panther’s Massive Success in Asia March 20, 2018.


(For book Imperial Citizens)

• Interviewed by “Korea and the World,” a Seoul-based podcast. May 31, 2016. Korea and the World

• Interviewed for/quoted in South Korean English-language magazine, Groove Korea, “Korea’s Black Racism Epidemic.” February 11, 2014. \”Korea\’s Black Racism Epidemic\”

• Interview guest on “New America Now” national radio program, New America Media. Aired July 10 & 12, 2009. [mp3]

• Interview guest on Radio Korea (Atlanta), largest Korean American radio station in United States, August 13, 2008.

• Featured in full page spread in The Korea Times, largest-circulation Korean American newspaper in United States, April 19, 2008. link


• Interview guest on SoCal Public Radio 89.3 KPCC, “Take Two with A. Martinez.” April 28, 2017 (25th Anniversary of LA “Riots”)

• Compared survey data on attitudes between/among LA’s racial groups. Published April 20, 2017.

• Blogged critique of news depictions of Black American-Asian American ‘conflict’ in West Baltimore. Posted May 25, 2015. link

• Blogged about sitcom Fresh Off the Boat’s renewal and implications for model minority-foreigner stereotype. Posted May 19, 2015. link

• Blogged about the nature and potential effect of race-gender stereotypes of Kim Jong Il on Asian American men (and women) writ large. Posted June 16, 2009. link

• Quoted in New America Media news story about Asian Americans and the environment.  Published May 15, 2009. link

• Faculty expert in “Never Perfect” documentary on Asian eyelid surgery (by Regina Park). Single Drop Films, 2007. link