Kim truly enjoys and values teaching.  From her undergraduate days as a peer tutor in writing, sociology, and English-Language-Learning at University of California-Santa Barbara to recent years as faculty at Brandeis, Loyola Marymount, and Texas A&M universities, she has emphasized a writing-intensive, interactive classroom that refines skills of application, comparison, and critical thinking.  She has taught large, lower-division undergraduate courses (e.g., The History of Asian Pacific America) to seminars both at the undergraduate and graduate level (e.g., Immigration, Gender & Race Relationality).   Her courses have been cross-listed with Women’s & Gender Studies, Asian Pacific American Studies, and Ethnic or American Studies.

Select Courses & Sample Syllabus

• Gender, Ethnicity & Migration [pdf]

• Sociology of US Immigration

• Sociology of Gender and Race/Intersectionality

• Racial/Ethnic Communities

• Gender and Global Migration

• Feminist Theory in Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspective

• History of Asian Pacific Islander America

• Environmental Justice

• Asian American Communities

• Global Sociology

• Cuba Immersion Course